How I Qualified For FNCS Round 2! - Fortnite Battle Royale

25. april. 2021
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In this video, I show how my trio and I qualified for the second round of Trio FNCS Week 1. This weekend was the first week of FNCS Chapter 2 Season 6, and today were the open qualifiers. Only the Top 1500 Trios made it past the open round qualifiers, so this was a decently stacked tournaments. It was both cross platform (console and PC FNCS) and region locked. Go follow my teammates as they popped off in this tournament and were a huge reason we qualified. So, if you're looking for insanely stacked FNCS End Games in trios, then this is the video for you! Hope you enjoy.
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  • It feels so unfair that qual on na east is 110 and on eu its like 134

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  • It was easy to qualifie in oce with my trio

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  • Thx to jerian I qualified for fncs round 2 also

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  • My fps when it see an enemy : I'll drop to like 20 : )

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  • jerian why did i get 2, 30s unskipable ads right away for sum reason when i click on the vid it said it was watched so i went to restart it but a ad cam and that was the first and once i restarted it fullly another one cam ;(

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  • Am Shocked How A Bot like You Qualified

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  • ALT TITLE: How I got CARRIED by my TRIO!

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    • I liked plz subscribe plz

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