How To Get Double Movement In Fortnite! (ReWASD/Keys2xInput)

9. april. 2021
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Double Movement is finally back!
Keys2xInput (1st Link):
Keys2xInput (2nd Link/ViGEm):
ReWASD Double Movement Config:
In this video, I show off how to get double movement in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. NRG Benjyfishy recently clarified on stream that he had talked to Epic and they had confirmed double movement is now allowed through the use of third party programs. These applications called key remappers give you the ability to remap your movement keys to that of the left stick on a controller, thus giving you double movement. This is much different than a macro, which are still bannable, as you are simply remapping one key to another. I explain the difference between the two in the video as well as talk about why Epic clarified that you are allowed (and have always been allowed) to use them. On top of that, I show the two best key remappers to get double movement in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, ReWASD, the program Benjy uses, as well as Keys2xInput. Both ReWASD and Keys2xInput work extremely well and will get you double movement, but REWASD does cost money (I prefer Keys2xInput). So, if you're looking for how to get double movement in Fortnite, then this is definitely the video for you. On top of that, this video will show how to use ReWASD and Keys2xInput to get double movement on keyboard and mouse, and thus, make you a better player!
0:00 Introduction
1:01 Double Movement
1:29 Key Remappers
4:15 ReWASD
7:20 Aim Assist
8:34 Typing Fix
9:21 Which Is Better?
9:57 Keys2xInput
12:40 Settings Explained
13:52 Typing Fix v2
15:04 Conclusion
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  • Hey when i use the doubble movement i lag?

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  • When I use the double movement it just goes to the left when I’m not pressing A Edit: now it doesn’t work

    SwerxyDCSwerxyDC23 timer siden
  • Does it make it so it makes it like turbo building is off for anyone

    devildampdevildampDag siden
    • turn on "lock input method as mouse" in your mouse and keyboard settings

      KyogrizedKyogrizedDag siden
  • i cant move help!

    W4fersW4fersDag siden
    • restart your pc

      KyogrizedKyogrizedDag siden
    • same something is wrong with it

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  • Press a-ply

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  • ty jerin

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  • For reWASD it didn't let me press "w" or "s" on my keyboard in fortnite. Has this happened to anybody else? btw i could only use D and A keys to move

    FireBlaz3FireBlaz32 dager siden
  • it dosent work

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  • when i have block keys enabled i cant move

    The EggThe Egg2 dager siden
    • @Kyogrized ok thanks

      W4fersW4fers6 timer siden
    • restart your pc

      KyogrizedKyogrizedDag siden
    • same

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  • 9:26 yes queasy is from balkan

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  • Plz help my wasd doesn’t work in fortnite how do I fix it

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  • ty

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  • idk why but i cant moe even though i have all the settings corrected and both files downloaded can anyone help

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    • Yeah bro fixed it thank you 🙏🏼 let’s test it maybe it’s worth

      vlWavevlWaveDag siden
    • @vlWave did u make sure u have the fortnite settings on so lock mouse input and do you have both programs downloaded

      domidomiDag siden
    • Nah I don’t even have a Controller idk what im doin wrong I restarted my pc maybe this fix it

      vlWavevlWaveDag siden
    • Do you have any controller plugged in?

      domidomiDag siden
    • I figured it out make sure you do not have a controller or any other input accept your keyboard and mouse plugged in then it should work

      domidomiDag siden
  • I might start using this

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  • does it work on Geforce now?

    Vertex TVVertex TV2 dager siden
  • Is this bannable ?

    Piotr TeclawPiotr Teclaw2 dager siden
    • no

      KyogrizedKyogrizedDag siden
  • It’s so annoying

    GLOBEGLOBE3 dager siden

    GLOBEGLOBE3 dager siden
  • it does not let me move ingame lol

    GLOBEGLOBE3 dager siden
    • restart your pc

      KyogrizedKyogrizedDag siden
    • same

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  • for me it keeps showing the flip between keyboard and controller but I guess I didnt have lock input on

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    • how can i turn on lock input

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  • 5:31

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  • when i check the block keys i cant move in fortnite and i dont get the sound when i click on the file

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  • Hay Jerian I tried to get double movement and for some reason when I open up the keystoxinput my character cannot move at all for some reason any help?

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    • SAME

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  • I am using keys2xinput and when I have 'W' pressed down and open my map, I walk slowly. It's messing with my rotations. Anyone else have this issue?

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  • this game is dead

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  • my movment keybin ont ork it only controller kno

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  • i cant walk if i have ist enabled

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  • do i have to reset my game because for some reason its not working for me

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  • When I use it my whole keyboard don't work what to do?

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  • thanks

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  • for some reason it doesnt let me use w and s even when im on fortnite

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    • yoo same

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  • get some sleep bro

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  • Thank you for the help!

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  • I can’t move and I don’t have control plugged in or anything helpppp

    magic is weirdmagic is weird5 dager siden
    • Go to the app the close it

      Dardar2005Dardar20052 dager siden
  • bro i am so done with being lefty like of course it doesnt work for my keybinds i use o as up l as down k as left and ; as right and i Cant use ; as a keybind on keys2xinput. if some one could help me that would be great

    Brit1900Brit19005 dager siden
    • you gotta use the hexadecimal representation for the ; instead

      North1xNorth1xDag siden
    • its works on rewasd im left handed havent tried keys2xinput tho

      Reezy ezReezy ez4 dager siden
  • how do i moveee if i cant use w and s? my character isnt moving forward and back

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  • Keys2XInput was working and then about 2 days ago it stopped working, started again, and then for the next day it wasnt working at all and here i am after trying the wooting app and uninstalling keys 2x and the wooting app and nothing is working.... @itsJerian

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  • hen im plying fortnite it doesnt verify the wasd keys im pressing

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  • Ye totally great job now my keyboard doesn’t work anymore

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    • Do u have both installed and if you want to turn it off hit alt+0

      Student: Alexander McGovernStudent: Alexander McGovern7 dager siden
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  • Hey guys i need help! my 2xinput is not letting me play properly it doesnt even work in game any solutions?

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  • my mou5e button5 Not ork

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  • It's not working now I can't move

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  • when ever i press apply it like glitches. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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  • Did they already remove this? Because just like the last time I tried following the video, it didn't work.

    FearawayFearaway8 dager siden
    • @PHINEAS GG for me lol, I followed the vid 4 times and it won’t work. :/ I tried keys2input not the other one. And what I meant by last time was I tried the double movement the first time it came out months ago over and over to no avail there too. Idk if it’s something to do with my pc bc I remember him saying it may not work with some, but I dunno. Once the program is enabled WASD doesn’t work which I know is because it’s the analog controls now but what I mean by that, once enabled I get no movement at all, and I can’t figure out why it doesn’t let me move. I’ve disabled and re-enabled, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. I just suck. Lol

      FearawayFearaway7 dager siden
    • it works what are you talking about ?

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  • key2x when ever im playing it will not let me move?... help

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    • do you have both installed if u do u have to close ur browser and hit a or d first.

      Student: Alexander McGovernStudent: Alexander McGovern7 dager siden
  • Wooting the best

    ᴄʀɪᴛɪᴄᴀʟあᴄʀɪᴛɪᴄᴀʟあ9 dager siden
  • 10:01 i like how your shirt is matching the download button!

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  • If you use controller as well then I would t suggest downloading keys2xinput because it messes about with your controller u can’t use it in game even after restarting fortnite and having lock input method as mouse off controller still doesn’t work

    darian clarkedarian clarke9 dager siden
  • 10000, 31000 i relly good lol

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  • so you can only have it for free for 2 weeks?

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  • for the keys2x should i unbind wasd in fortnite

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  • its cause you have block keys on thats why you cant go diagonal

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  • I am not use ing it

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  • My Keys2x isnt working right. I can move when trying to use it. Any Ideas how i can fix it?

    ShumiShumi10 dager siden
    • @Shumi ur all good

      Student: Alexander McGovernStudent: Alexander McGovern7 dager siden
    • @Student: Alexander McGovern First i tried it again. Like reinstalled it ... It still was lagging. So i got wooting

      ShumiShumi7 dager siden
    • @Shumi ok!

      Student: Alexander McGovernStudent: Alexander McGovern7 dager siden
    • @Student: Alexander McGovern All good, i got wooting 😅

      ShumiShumi7 dager siden
    • First dowload both the close ur browser after that minimize and hitva or d the alt+0 toturn off

      Student: Alexander McGovernStudent: Alexander McGovern7 dager siden
  • I need help it is allowing me to move and I did everything that jerian did in the video

    YoJutoYoJuto10 dager siden
  • is anyone’s keys 2x just not working ? i had it working for 3 days straight and now it’s not working. Please help.

    euroramiceuroramic10 dager siden
  • any serials for full access after 14 days trial ? :D

    Creak FFMCreak FFM10 dager siden
  • Keyboard and mouse players have more advantages by default and now they are actually downloading apps to make them better? Holy crap, that’s basically cheating! Your literally having to buy and download programs to remap your keyboard, I mean holy crap, this is gonna get keyboard and mouse players into cheating. It’s a freakin gateway, no way they let this in Lan comps, I really wonder if they would actually allow you to use this in a tournament or next World Cup, the next thing is keyboard and mouse having aim assist programs like this... dude just buy a controller since yall are so jealous of what controller has to offer, controller is more fun anyways.. you can sit on a bean bag with your legs up and dominate, unlike k&m players having to sit up on chairs and stuff

    John NJohn N10 dager siden
    • not cheating since it requires multiple inputs for it to work. And as an ex controller player... imo controller sucked and keyboard is more fun

      CrimsonFnbCrimsonFnb10 dager siden