Ranking The Best Fortnite Teams In The World! - 2021 Edition

23. mars. 2021
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In this video, I rank the best Fortnite teams in the world. Since I already ranked the best players, the best builders, and the best controller players, I wanted to switch it up and focus more on organizations (orgs) and teams. This is actually the third time I've made this video so its technically the 2021 Power Rankings Edition. In order to stay unbiased and make the ranking as fair I can, I decided to rank each team based on their competitive achievements and skill, rather than their number of followers. Please remember, all of this is for the purpose of entertainment and it is my personal opinion. You will probably think some Fortnite teams should have been higher up, lower down, or included when they were left out. Also let me know who your personal favorite team is as well as the best players on each of the best orgs and teams. So, let me know all of that stuff down below. Overall, if you're looking to learn about the best Fortnite teams in the world like FaZe Clan, Ghost Gaming, TSM, NRG, MSF, SEN, and more, then this video is for you!
Examples of Fortnite Teams: Sentinels (SEN), Ghost Gaming, NRG Esports, Luminosity Gaming, Parallel, FaZe Clan, LeStream Esports, Team Liquid, TSM, Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), Misfits Gaming (MSF), C9 Esports, Solary, 100 Thieves (100T), Vanguard Esports, GUILD Esports, Gamma Gaming, Built By Gamers (BBG), ENDLESS, Become Legends, TrainH Esports, its Clan
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  • wheres one percent?

    SuntearsSuntears2 timer siden
  • He said please don’t dislike and he got almost 600 dislikes

    • 😂😂😂

  • It’s guild

    Derrytresk U12-14 ChannelDerrytresk U12-14 Channel11 timer siden
  • What happen to 1 percent

    Charlene HollowayCharlene Holloway14 timer siden
  • bruh i recignize g2 from rocket league and nrg and c8 lmao

    Hunter naimHunter naimDag siden
  • Pwr

    M - TopM - TopDag siden
  • You missed 1 percent they have acron won fncs kiwiz who got into semifinals

    Logan UploadsLogan UploadsDag siden
  • "Also don't leave a dislike" 587 people: YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

    FlorinTheHunterFlorinTheHunterDag siden
  • i fink is Guild in 1

    Barnabas RifBarnabas RifDag siden
  • There is no way XSET was not up their.

    CapesCapesDag siden
  • Disagree but it your opinion

    Victor RamirezVictor RamirezDag siden
  • Can u do best of each team

    8A Philip Gæraa Iversen8A Philip Gæraa Iversen2 dager siden
  • Me thinking i'll be good at fortnite after watching this

    JayPlayzJayPlayz2 dager siden
  • steelix won the duo dreamhack

    PolPol2 dager siden
  • Bruh arkram didnt win solo fncs its was xtra verT

    Best fragger NawBest fragger Naw2 dager siden
  • Everyone forgets about Team Devour :(

    FreshyFreshy2 dager siden
  • How many Fortnite pros are your son!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Lil Timmy 4697Lil Timmy 46972 dager siden
  • What about one percent

    Alex VaysbergAlex Vaysberg3 dager siden
  • Uh you actually forgot to put faze at number 1 because the contoller king goat nickmercs is playing fortnite again

    Explicit TrashExplicit Trash3 dager siden

    Axel WallinAxel Wallin3 dager siden
  • Where is TSM?

    100kSIZZY100kSIZZY3 dager siden
  • Team GLM and Team PWR dominate every cash cup and fncs in the OCE region like What????

    crisercriser3 dager siden
  • Jerian u do know RNG jynx won duo trio and solo fncs OCE it kinda triggers me when all the people say taysons so good for it

    SpexcySpexcy3 dager siden
  • I feel like NRG is the best

    MinikloonMinikloon3 dager siden
  • shoutout jerian. He has improved so mucb as a content creator. He used to be boring and dry, and now he is entertaining and very funny. COngrats on ur success fam

    Barnsey’s Sports NetworkBarnsey’s Sports Network3 dager siden
  • What about devour?? They’re an underrated controller team

    ShadowBoi TRShadowBoi TR4 dager siden
    • @dizzywyd true but he said suggest just teams so im just saying a team that i think r rlly good

      ShadowBoi TRShadowBoi TR3 dager siden
    • It’s only competitive

      dizzywyddizzywyd3 dager siden
  • can u do more stretch pls

    FoxzyFoxzy4 dager siden
  • i thik nrg is the best

    Carlo MarcelCarlo Marcel4 dager siden
  • LG also has fresh

    Goldin DragonGoldin Dragon4 dager siden
  • 10:02 jerian you crack me up

    Andres Pastor GazteluAndres Pastor Gaztelu4 dager siden
  • who the hell is the guild team?

    Finatical XFinatical X4 dager siden
  • Bl on top

    Bl harbGBl harbG4 dager siden
  • Luminosity is much HIGHER

    Zenobius NettenOfficialZenobius NettenOfficial4 dager siden
  • what about gulid

    Kristoffer FKristoffer F4 dager siden
  • Nah Mongraal da best

    OT TronicOT Tronic4 dager siden
  • Bruh tsm is not even in the list

    FNC Tryhard1234FNC Tryhard12344 dager siden
  • Mmmm I think it’s going to be guild for 1st

    Fathi ShalabiFathi Shalabi4 dager siden
  • I'm pretty sure FRESH is in LG

    Zia PowerZia Power4 dager siden
  • Are you sick?

    RynxxsRynxxs4 dager siden
  • The fact that nrg isn’t 1 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    Alex BarronAlex Barron4 dager siden
    • The fact that you think NRG is better than guild 🤡🤡🤡🤡

      Gael Coss Y LeonGael Coss Y Leon23 timer siden
  • really? sen is only 14? well im behind

    123 Hockey123 Hockey4 dager siden
  • I think nrg is still on top

    Hydra YDNHydra YDN4 dager siden

    Uhh FusionUhh Fusion5 dager siden
  • U should talk bout Lachlan’s clan many of their comp members are HIGHLY underrated

    XyloXylo5 dager siden
    • He literally mentioned pwr in the honourable mentions but oce just isnt anywhere near the top 15 because it is so much easier

      Fifa is Genuinely So FunFifa is Genuinely So Fun3 dager siden
  • Devour, Outcast, Norcal, 1% And BH all should be in there in my opinion

    VinxWydVinxWyd5 dager siden
  • guild rl decal = dookie

    VERGE bubbleVERGE bubble5 dager siden
  • Good vid

    J FJ F5 dager siden
  • How does he not name 1percent, acorn just won fncs, he didn’t even shout them out a the end whereas he shouts out PWR and NaVi

    J FJ F5 dager siden
  • Bro BL 15 wtf

    David SchneiderDavid Schneider5 dager siden
  • Heretics

    Gerard Sospedra VivesGerard Sospedra Vives5 dager siden
  • Wait highskys in faZe

    maddenclipz 54maddenclipz 545 dager siden
  • 1P Hello

    Specify 1kSpecify 1k5 dager siden
  • One percent

    Liam OdomsLiam Odoms5 dager siden
  • TSMMMM??????

    it’s Reflekzit’s Reflekz5 dager siden
  • Nrg will forever be the best org

    Aadil HakeemAadil Hakeem5 dager siden
  • i do think 1p should be top 15. Roster contains ryft, acornski, notluc, had kiwiz, etc

    zovacszovacs5 dager siden
  • crazy how you didnt even put ghost in the honorable mentions

    Cxmp LocksCxmp Locks5 dager siden
    • Cause ghost has no one good

      CyzexCyzex5 dager siden
  • Isn’t G2 the name of another org but for rocket league including rizzo,jknaps, and etc

    hxrt FNhxrt FN6 dager siden
  • what about BL Halo

    999 Splash999 Splash6 dager siden
  • i just disliked to be a rebel but the video was too good so i had to leave a like

    dypsyydypsyy6 dager siden
  • Jerian: "Don't drop a dislike. Haters: "Drops 557 dislikes.

    Tragic LixᄎTragic Lixᄎ6 dager siden
  • anyone here that dosent get this ?

    BeserkerBeserker6 dager siden
  • Highsky is in FaZe @itsjerian ??

    ItzLuckyLucasYTItzLuckyLucasYT6 dager siden
    • Theirs another name itshigsky in team sentinels

      Tristan 2434Tristan 24345 dager siden
  • Guild

    Zeki BayramZeki Bayram6 dager siden
  • Let's be real based on ability nrg is the best

    LiamLiam6 dager siden
  • I didn’t hear you talk about BL Halo

    TxrrificTxrrific6 dager siden
  • We just getting started 😈

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  • 1% where at

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  • Jerian: Dont leave a dislike 552 random people do it.

    sepl9 ❶sepl9 ❶7 dager siden
  • Merijn gamma

    Swy YbySwy Yby7 dager siden
  • I don’t watch Fortnite I think it’s super cringe like half the world but I’m watching this idk why but I’m watching this props to the grinders out there.

    Tom KearneyTom Kearney7 dager siden
  • Sentinels doesn’t care abt fortnite anymore it’s al abt Val

    HenryHenry7 dager siden
  • And faze highsky

    Kiaan KalwaniKiaan Kalwani7 dager siden
  • Guilds roster shows how good BL is at scouting talent

    TundeeTundee7 dager siden
  • I feel like SAQR should have been in the top 15 or even in the honorable mentions. if you haven't heard of them they are ME based team and they DOMINATE in ME. Idk my opinion

    My Name is rezaMy Name is reza7 dager siden
  • What about Falcon in Middle East lol

    EliixerZzEliixerZz7 dager siden
  • Everyone thinks there not as good as like clix but thats only because it is OCE there sooooooo goooddddd

    Fire KidFire Kid7 dager siden
    • Team pwr

      Fire KidFire Kid7 dager siden
  • I think team pwr is the best

    Fire KidFire Kid7 dager siden
    • Oh hell no😂

      Gael Coss Y LeonGael Coss Y Leon23 timer siden
  • Alixa is in team liquid

    Fire KidFire Kid7 dager siden
  • Why did you not include halo the youngest recruited become legends member

    Rolly PollyRolly Polly7 dager siden
  • Hi babd

    cloudsclouds8 dager siden
  • i think guild no. 1

    Trost-ShiTrost-Shi8 dager siden
    • i got it right

      Trost-ShiTrost-Shi8 dager siden
  • @clarixesports Is Up Next 🚀🚀

    Titch FNTitch FN8 dager siden

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  • guild

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  • What about fresh

    Aidan CenaAidan Cena8 dager siden
  • Also Xen

    FlxzFlxz8 dager siden
  • Nero left lol

    FlxzFlxz8 dager siden
  • I'm pretty sure my friend reverse2k is in endless

    hxvoc_drakehxvoc_drake8 dager siden
  • TNA

    DarksFNDarksFN8 dager siden
  • U said faze, but were is martoz, he may not be a proper comp player but it's martoz, he made so many of the moves every pro uses

    ImFlakeoImFlakeo9 dager siden
  • xtra

    BenjilolBenjilol9 dager siden
  • 1Percent should be on there, their comp roster is Kiwis, Acorn, and disc I believe

    FlawFNFlawFN9 dager siden
  • wheres 1 % lol

    Sky davidSky david9 dager siden
  • Endless

    Dallis EppDallis Epp9 dager siden
  • Did he say 1 percent in his honorable mention because they are really good.

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  • sen

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  • Wait you have a son??

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  • Didn’t dey leave

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    • I thought my bad

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  • Do a best player from every country again

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