Should You Switch To Mouse & Keyboard? - Fortnite Battle Royale

5. feb.. 2021
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In this video, I talk about whether or not it's worth switching to keyboard and mouse in Fortnite. I wanted to make this video since 100 Thieves Arkhram, one of the best Fortnite pro players in the world, just swapped from mouse & keyboard to controller. This hasn't happened since early Chapter 2 Season 2 when pro players like EpikWhale made the switch from mouse and keyboard to controller. What I do is I talk about the pros and cons of each input device, keyboard & mouse vs controller in Fortnite, explain why some pros have recently made the switch, and give my opinion for all of you guys going from console to PC or just wondering if you should switch to keyboard and mouse in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. So, if you're looking for a video to compare keyboard and mouse vs controller, as well as to answer your question on whether or not you should make the switch, then this video is definitely for you. On top of that, this video will help you improve on keyboard and mouse, go through the transition of console to PC, and win more in Fortnite Battle Royale. Yessir, I got you boys.
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  • “If I had a nickel for every time Jerian roasted unknown, I’d have two nickels. It’s not a lot but it’s weird it happened twice.”

    Samantha PurdySamantha Purdy2 måneder siden
    • 3 actualy

      OCE_PointtOCE_PointtMåned siden
    • @Zora FN thx

      VenerowVenerowMåned siden
    • @Venerow u good

      Zora FNZora FNMåned siden
  • But I'm on kbm on ps4

  • Controlla playa looking to switch to KB & M as soon as I get myself a proper PC

    SmooshyySmooshyyDag siden
  • 8:45 offensive and OFFENSIVE plays

    Joseph MaxfieldJoseph Maxfield2 dager siden
  • Listen pal. We cant aim without aim assist. Okay try shooting without aim assist BUDDY

    Luka BokhuaLuka Bokhua2 dager siden
  • Someone explain why the title says should you switch to mouse and keyboard

    HZ FLEXHZ FLEX2 dager siden
  • I’m looking at making the switch to kbm cause I’ve been playing fortnite for three years on controller and I would say I’m pretty good. But I’m just not having as much fun anymore. So do you think I should make the switch under my Circumstances.

  • If I can learn to play hybrid I won’t care if I’m good

    Odm highlightsOdm highlights3 dager siden
  • bro jerian roasted uknown twice

    blixifiyblixifiy3 dager siden
  • the best peace controller that is not on controller is defintitly piece control chyle please call him that

    bezicbezic3 dager siden
  • Hey Jerian, I only recently switched to kb and mouse because of your videos. Your keybinds videos really helped me out.

    FLewFLew4 dager siden
  • I really need a keyboard, my family is struggling on money

    Noah SimmonsNoah Simmons4 dager siden
  • I play on controller on pc because I just can't figure out how to use kb&m and am pretty good on controller, It's not like I can't use kb&m because I'm pretty good on other games but the building mechanic just is so hard to learn a 2nd time.

    4-14 FAN4-14 FAN4 dager siden
  • Sorry Jerian. I didn’t listen I switched to keyboard even though I was good on controller. I’ve been on keyboard awhile now and really like it. I’ve improved alot

    Christopher ScheuermanChristopher Scheuerman5 dager siden
  • why wouldnt i think of vadeal, he is one of the best if not the best piece controler

    Z1nxyZ1nxy5 dager siden
    • Lmao just watched the rest of the vid

      Z1nxyZ1nxy5 dager siden
  • Who do think has the best piece control ur piece control kyle

    CiaranCiaran6 dager siden
  • It took me 2 seasons to learn kbm im on console

    Driipz NZDriipz NZ6 dager siden
  • Practice kovaak thumbfuck keyboard is way more dominant them controller. Who won the world cup keyboard why clix wins so many tournaments lol 😂 if you want just tell epic to remove aim assist.

    vTedxvTedx6 dager siden
  • ItsJerian: I don’t think aim assist is overpowered. Me: He said that because he has never been killed by a player that doesn’t stop spamming on controller. Other people: I agree

    Omar WahbaOmar Wahba7 dager siden
  • " Theres not enough buttons on your keyboard or mouse..." Me thinking about the Razer Naga Pro mouse which has 6/12 side buttons

    Patrik-Roland SzatmariPatrik-Roland Szatmari7 dager siden
  • When you talked about movement i thought of martoz because he is the only piece control person i know

    tomzy22tomzy227 dager siden
  • 11:07 I’m dying

    safisafi7 dager siden
  • I would love to switch to keyboard and mouse but I just can’t afford one

    tejas moreytejas morey8 dager siden
  • 2 days b4 this all my friends switched 2 kbm

    ClayteClayte8 dager siden
  • 3:48 when jerian sees slite for the first time and thinks " FrEE coNTeNT"

    DaneroDanero8 dager siden
  • But when i tryed kbm i feel much much faster at edinting but bad at building but on contoller im pretty fast and good at editing but on controller i dont really feel that im imrpoving

    Tilter EXTilter EX8 dager siden
  • Lol aye that raider 464 and tna m1lk

    Key- NexoKey- Nexo8 dager siden
  • bruh u sayed it give u versitility make both offenceve, and even offenceve plays. im done bro!!!!

    Polos願望Polos願望8 dager siden
  • 10:01

    VipexVipex9 dager siden
  • Should I switch to claw

    Bobby JonesBobby Jones9 dager siden
  • Papa jerian

    George MilesGeorge Miles9 dager siden
  • the videos were better when face cam was off 🙁

    xavier fnxavier fn9 dager siden
  • Controller is a lot better

    Veeti PasanenVeeti Pasanen10 dager siden
  • It depends see u may of played controller your whole life though actually controller is not for you

    BALLOWBALLOW10 dager siden
  • pc gaming all the way

    gabriel ferreiragabriel ferreira10 dager siden

    Nick KartNick Kart10 dager siden

    Leanne BrindleyLeanne Brindley11 dager siden
  • I'm a controller player and when I'm not warmed up, I whiff my shots

    Tilted Vıllʌıŋ么Tilted Vıllʌıŋ么11 dager siden
  • Jerian: name a peice control god Also Jerian: bet it was a controller player Me: mitr0

    Ubby 24Ubby 2411 dager siden
  • I’m switching to keyboard

    Max CampMax Camp12 dager siden
  • 3:50 Nah peace control Kyle

    Matthew AllenMatthew Allen12 dager siden
  • i copied Mongraals keybinds in chap 2 season 2 and i still use them

    LunarinqsLunarinqs12 dager siden
  • I'm a controller player with no aim assist and I think it helps focus on your piece control, builds and edits then u get more use to aiming and hit nasty flicks on controller

    clxudツclxudツ12 dager siden
  • Switched cuz my controller had stick drift 😂

    WavyeasyEWavyeasyE13 dager siden
  • Wheres my controller gang?🎮

    anonym xxanonym xx13 dager siden
  • This helped, but the thing is idk how bad you mean when you say “suck”, and I want to switch but I just can’t get good no matter how much I play kb&m

    xOnixxOnix13 dager siden
  • You say 360 mowement but you come of the keyboard which has 360 movement

    CiaranCiaran14 dager siden
  • Patrik Is Mad Now

    PaqzsxPaqzsx15 dager siden
  • Mobile don’t have aim assist it has aim bot

    Tam NguyenTam Nguyen16 dager siden
  • The controller drift and can effect ur sensitivity

  • Cant I put the fov on 120

    AYAAN ADNANAYAAN ADNAN17 dager siden
  • Man wtf u talking about Keyboard has from 25 buttons to 120 buttons

    ALI ELMUTAZALI ELMUTAZ17 dager siden
  • God loves you guys!

    G L U GG L U G17 dager siden
  • I will almost quit fortnite if I keep playing on my broken controller, so I had a good kbm and I switched

    XimoutaXimouta21 dag siden
  • Nintendo and Xbox has aim asist

    Petterer09 SlåttoPetterer09 Slåtto21 dag siden
  • I switch to kbm because I get alot of hate because of aim assist

    ZoneZone22 dager siden
  • I just switched to keyboard and mouse tonight my AR aim is insane my shotgun aim is okay. But I’ve been playing for about 2 hours I can edit really good but building during fights it’s tough lol

    CH33SECH33SE22 dager siden
    • @CH33SE yeah, extremely excited to optimise it for 144 hz on hdmi lol, its possible with the right hdmi.

      MilatchoMilatcho20 dager siden
    • @Milatcho it’s amazing man. I switched in December and it was worth every bit I spent. Hope it works great enjoy it bro !

      CH33SECH33SE20 dager siden
    • @CH33SE yeah, im getting my pc in 4 days, so it will be way better than console

      MilatchoMilatcho20 dager siden
    • @Milatcho yeah I felt comfortable with mine pretty quickly. It’s been pretty fun but it just seems like it takes too long to improve drastically at. I still mainly play controller

      CH33SECH33SE20 dager siden
    • @CH33SE yea i had to tweak them, mostly my weapon keybinds, jerians opitmal binds video helped, but L-shift must be floor and cones must be C, i cant do it the other way around

      MilatchoMilatcho20 dager siden
  • Honestly, all you really lose is aim assist, if you know how to aim with a ar and a shotgun, you should honestly try it

    ZikyZiky26 dager siden
  • Jerian please answer this it will change my whole career I don’t know if I am good or bad enough to switch please reply

    Archie holdcroftArchie holdcroft26 dager siden
  • Jerian: Mice are just more accurate than thumbsticks me: STOP THE FU&$ING CAP YOU BIT&$

    LatenR MCLatenR MC27 dager siden
  • Idk if pc players ever played controller lol aim assist is a blessing and a curse you aim at 1 dude and a second walked buy and shifts it won't sit where I want most of the time hah

    austin ormeaustin orme28 dager siden
  • Jerian u forgot martoz joystick

    spite fnspite fn29 dager siden
  • I play on half a keyboard I don’t have that many key binds

    Gunna SalGunna SalMåned siden
  • I thought Mongraal and he şs a kb player

    Blaze on 0 fps ΨBlaze on 0 fps ΨMåned siden
  • "Think of a master piece controller" *Puts reet skin on screen* Well wtf am I going to think else than him? 😂

    Rogue.Rogue.Måned siden
  • Next video: I switched to controller for a month! (Insane)

    WhyTho YTWhyTho YTMåned siden
  • 3:46 i was thinking about raider464

    BonaasBonaasMåned siden
  • i feel like this video was for me to switch to controller 5:36

    Grace OwagaGrace OwagaMåned siden
  • I played on controller up hntill chapter 2 season 4 and was no where near how good I am now in keyboard and mouse in only 2 seasons

    HobnobMasterHobnobMasterMåned siden
  • U did unknown wrong

    Classy DifClassy DifMåned siden
  • Im on controller

    PoireauPoireauMåned siden
  • Keyboard is better. Look at fncs winners every seoson. But! Controller is better if u r amature bc its easyer to master + u dont come againsed a mechanical monater like clix mongraal or benjy around every corner

    FulkyimFulkyimMåned siden
    • i think everybody who is on kbm and a pro could be a controller pro too. Most people are on kbm because of the "superior thing"

      Hamza ElHamza ElMåned siden
  • i thought of piece control kyle

    Mlg_alex 88Mlg_alex 88Måned siden
  • What if your good on both

    Hydro skuffHydro skuffMåned siden
    • i cant decide xd 25days playtime controller 25 days playtime kbm still switching after every 2 days

      Hamza ElHamza ElMåned siden
  • The Martoz joystick does give 360 movement

    LaitoLaitoMåned siden
  • "and boxing them like fish" love jerians comedy

    PricedIsland160PricedIsland160Måned siden
  • short awnser: no

    CD X2CD X2Måned siden
  • Well one downside is that charge Is bad for Controller because sometimes the charge doesn’t shot when keyboard use charge it alway shot well that what I think

    Hy WrldㄡHy WrldㄡMåned siden
  • while i’m getting a pc in like a week or so and i’m switching from controller to kbm sooooo, i’ve been practicing so i’m already pretty decent on kbm.

    KexzyFNKexzyFNMåned siden
  • Jerian I don't care about ur aim assist jokes and I play keyboard and mouse and controller I like ur videos

    Jaxboy62Jaxboy62Måned siden
  • Subscribe to woozyn on yt

    WoozynWoozynMåned siden
  • I thought of Peice Control Kyle. Ur dogwater

    Ajay DubaAjay DubaMåned siden
  • I came here to see if I should switch to kbm not to switch to controller as I’m already a controller player

    BaharBaharMåned siden
  • Why isn‘t he talking about the aim and peacecontrol of letshe? In my opinion i think letshe is the best controler player

    FelixB1506FelixB1506Måned siden
  • Controller Players always have to push "build" when they wanna build. In Addition aim Assist is bad now and if you dont play 2+ days you suck and have to Jump into crea to be good again

    snowysnowyMåned siden
  • I have relly bad aim on keybourd and controller tracking and shotgun

    Elena ConnellElena ConnellMåned siden
  • Ninja is best peice controller

    stenon0pingstenon0pingMåned siden
  • 3:52 i thought of epikwhale

    RizzRizzMåned siden
  • Check out the Azeron keypad. Give you more easily accessible keys with an analog stick for full 360 degree movement. Made the switch from controller to the azeron and never looked back!

    Ace50333Ace50333Måned siden
  • I just tried KBM for the first time, been playing on console...long range aim is insane. it is so easy to just laser people. I mean I could barely move, and I died every time someone got close but I destroyed people at range, it reminded me of playing with L2 spam.

    Dbird BirdDbird BirdMåned siden
  • This is off topic but, since when did T-Mobile merge with sprint.

    SpxySpxyMåned siden
  • I just fully switched to keyboard and mouse just over a day ago, and watched your “before you switch video”, it helped me a lot.

    Warp WildWarp WildMåned siden
  • jerian forgot about the gmk joystick

    BrdnBrdnMåned siden
  • I switched to keyboard and mouse and from console to pc best decision of my life 🙏

    SkeezersSkeezersMåned siden
  • (This is a joke don’t take it seriously love ya papa jerian) I must say, his facial expressions in his thumbnails are getting more and more strange. Kinda scared now

    Helena The GreatHelena The GreatMåned siden
  • Kamo switched to mk recently, so dont tell me mk isnt op.

    DoodleXDDoodleXDMåned siden
  • If you watched this video and now you don't want to switch if you are getting bored with controller and want something new and not a really good player on controller make the switch it helped me when I switched 3 months ago my skill has doubled and it is a lot of fun on kbm

    Sean BeamonSean BeamonMåned siden
  • Anyone else thought about piece control kyle

    DanDanMåned siden
  • 3:53 I didnt think of a controller player jerian i thought of noahreyli

    healwydhealwydMåned siden
  • bUt jErIaN flea did a vid about scroll wheel reset on controller

    AU d u xAU d u xMåned siden