Who Can Get The MOST Arena Points In 1 Hour...

23. april. 2021
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In this video, I put two pros up against each other to see who can get the most arena points in 1 hour. The catch, however, is that both of these pro Fortnite players are arena gods. Not only are the two of them (LG Joji and OA Whofishy) in Champion Division 10, which is the highest arena division, but they're also both top 50 on the hype leaderboard for Season 6. This battle was intense so make sure you watch until the end to see who got the most arena points in 1 hour! Also check both of these legends out below.
Joji: noworld.info/dev/9D37wQl4X7rODm35t64Ntg
Whofishy: noworld.info/dev/EeMd9oVJTz61k1WshItvWA
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    TTV JoshyTTV Joshy2 timer siden
  • Please do a part two

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  • Ima be honest who ever has lower ping wins

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  • Joji just better

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  • Did vex carry you in a tournament and you got 2nd place cause cause I was in a lobby in him

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  • whofishy is a genuinely funny man, love em!

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  • your voice really gets annoying like just stop talking bro fr

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  • It’s good to see kbm on top. Shows that skill beats aim assist.

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  • Nice clickbait 😶

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  • I’ve been in whofishies arena game 27 times without streamsniping. I have 5000 points whofishy has 36000

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  • They both went off sheeeeesh

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  • how much do I do in 1 hour? -1200 points

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  • 0:40

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  • Jesus is Lord. Jesus is King. True Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Him and Honor Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year.

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  • Jesus is Lord.

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